Four Little Corners and War Horse win 2013 Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award

Thanks to a tweet from Nosy Crow today, I was pleased to hear that the winners of the 2013 Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award have been announced.

The Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award recognises the “state of the art in design and craftsmanship” in children’s digital publishing, which makes the two winners and ten finalists a very exclusive club! In its second year, it is judged by industry experts, managed by the Children’s Technology Review and sponsored by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the premier annual event for children’s publishing. I was really happy to see some old friends from the 2012 Cybils awards on the list, as well as some apps I hadn’t seen before.

The winners are… War Horse by Touch Press (Non-fiction) and Four Little Corners by DADA Company (Fiction). War Horse is based on the Michael Morpurgo novel of the same name. Four Little Corners is a “delightful story is about helping a square peg as it tries desperately to fit through a round hole, in order to be with friends.”

Although War Horse is too old for my children at the moment, we’ll be checking out Four Little Corners shortly. I was also really pleased to see Mentions for Franklin Frog by Nosy Crow and Endless Alphabet by Callaway Digital Arts in the non-fiction category. We reviewed Franklin Frog last year, which is a great introduction to the frog lifecycle for pre-schoolers. We also really enjoy Endless Alphabet with its unusual word selection for an A-Z app (gargantuan, yodel, bellow and tangle), colourful characters and short films. The  apps receiving Mentions in the Fiction category, Monster’s Socks and Rita the Lizard, are both new to me so the app shopping list grows longer!

Well done to all the winners and finalists – the full list with summaries of each app is available on the Children’s Technology Review.