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Hats off to Hat Monkey

Hat Monkey, the new app from Chris Haughton & Fox and Sheep, has made a big splash on the App Store since its recent launch. As big fans of Oh No George!, one of… Continue reading

Teddy’s Day

Teddy’s Day is one of the first stories we ever downloaded on the iPad, and it is still a firm favourite. Released in 2010, it does a fantastic job of that fiendishly difficult thing… Continue reading

Me Books – Rachel Bright Week giveaway

This week, we’ve been checking out Me Books. We are very late to this party as we have heard so many good things about Me Books in recent months from other book bloggers… Continue reading

I’m looking for an app about… books

Every month, I link up with Playing By the Book’s blog for a carnival of book reviews under the title “I’m Looking for a Book About…” This month, the topic is all about exploring… Continue reading

5 Picture Books I Wish Were Book Apps

Since I started using apps with Mr Tall and Little Miss Chatterbox, I often read a picture book with them and think, “Wouldn’t it be great if this were made into an app!”… Continue reading