Hide and Seek with Sneak HD


This week has been the half-term holiday for us, with visitors both welcome – hello, Grandad – and unwelcome – go away, flu bugs. So I haven’t had much time to think about the blog, but I did want to get in a sneaky review before the end of the week.

Do you know any children who would like to catch some beasties? Do they enjoy hiding and sneaking up on people? Can they be really, really, really quiet? We’ve been having fun doing all three (and let’s face it, we needed practice on number three) with Sneak HD from Made in Me.

First of all, you choose your bait, then you have five seconds to run and hide before waiting for a beastie to come and start munching on the food. I wish I could show you Mr Tall when he runs and hides; there is such a look of gleeful anticipation on his face! Then, when you hear and see the beastie, you sneak up as quietly as you can to take its photo before it hears you.


If you make too much noise, the narrator will say things like “I can still seeeee youuuu!” and “shhh, be still!” at which point you should freeze like a statue or the beastie will run away. When you get to the iPad, tap the screen to take a picture and catch the beastie.


If you are very stealthy, you get three stars and a Super Sneak status. To begin with, this will unlock more bait, but once you have all the bait you’re in it for the prestige. There are three difficulty levels so you can tailor it depending on how sneaky you are. When you take the photo, the app also takes a photo of you. In theory this is a great way to capture children’s expressions as they play, although it never seems to quite catch us right and we mostly get photos of the ceiling. Perhaps we need to play around with the angle at which we leave the iPad.

This app is a lot of fun for any number of players, from one small beastie-hunter to a whole houseful. It’s a perfect rainy day game which gets the kids – and grown ups too! – moving and having fun without being stuck to the screen. Shhhh….  be still….

Sneak HD, developed by Made in Me, compatible with iPad from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sneak-hd/id577430861?mt=8 or Sneak compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sneak/id579636644?mt=8 both priced at £1.49/$1.99 at time of writing.