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The Very Cranky Bear

The time for hibernation is coming as the days are getting shorter, so what better subject to choose for a story app review than a bear in a cave, trying to find some… Continue reading

Teddy’s Day

Teddy’s Day is one of the first stories we ever downloaded on the iPad, and it is still a firm favourite. Released in 2010, it does a fantastic job of that fiendishly difficult thing… Continue reading

Monstrous Tales of Missing Socks

If you have young children in the house, then socks are likely to play a far larger role in your life than before. Little Miss Chatterbox prefers to have only one sock on, leaving the other… Continue reading

I’m looking for an app about… starting school (updated for 2013)

Last year I wrote a round up of apps about going to school as part of a link up to the children’s book blog Playing By the Book . This year we have seen a… Continue reading

I’m looking for an app about… human rights

Every month, I link up with Playing By the Book for a round-up of book reviews under the title “I’m Looking for a Book About…” This month, the topic is Human Rights. Immediately I thought… Continue reading

Angel’s Great Escape

“Are you sitting comfortably? And so we begin…” If you’re looking for a lovely Christmassy story app to share with your children, then Angel’s Great Escape by And So We Begin might just… Continue reading

Miffy’s Garden

After last week’s slice of Moomin nostalgia, today’s pick from my childhood is Dick Bruna’s Miffy. In my  nursery school picture circa 1980 I am wearing a particularly fetching jumper with Miffy on… Continue reading

The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My

“Quick, Moomintroll, it’s nearly night, Run home while there’s a bit of light, Don’t hang around in woods like these, Strange creatures lurk between the trees.” I grew up loving Tove Jansson’s classic Moomin series,… Continue reading

Little Nonsense app seeks child narrators

Children’s poet and illustrator Colin West is transferring his rhymes from book to screen – and children across the UK are being invited to take part. Little Nonsense is a new iPhone/iPad app based… Continue reading

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

Today was my son’s last day at preschool. Next year he’ll be heading up to big school. I’m very excited about this new phase in his life, when he will start to build on his existing… Continue reading