Monthly Archive: December, 2012

The weird and wonderful world of Sandra Boynton

I’m delighted to introduce a guest review today, by the lovely Loll Kirby. Loll is a book and app enthusiast I met on Twitter, and she has been such an enthusiastic supporter of this… Continue reading

Angel’s Great Escape

“Are you sitting comfortably? And so we begin…” If you’re looking for a lovely Christmassy story app to share with your children, then Angel’s Great Escape by And So We Begin might just… Continue reading

In the News: Penguins, Rock Bands, Aliens and Moomins

A few different pieces of app news have crossed my radar today which I just had to share! We’ve been exploring a fantastic new Nosy Crow app, revisiting two favourite apps which have gone… Continue reading

Phonics Fun with Hairy Letters

Synthetic phonics. Biff, Chip and Kipper. Floppy the dog. Spellings. CVC words. Yes, we are learning to read and write! Specifically, Mr Tall is learning, as he started school in September when he… Continue reading