I’m looking for an app about… human rights

Every month, I link up with Playing By the Book for a round-up of book reviews under the title “I’m Looking for a Book About…” This month, the topic is Human Rights. Immediately I thought… Continue reading

Toca Builders

Toca Builders is a construction toy app, and has been described as Minecraft for younger children or virtual Lego. For younger children, it’s all about experimenting, discovering and playing,  while older children can also get to… Continue reading

Me Books – Rachel Bright Week giveaway

This week, we’ve been checking out Me Books. We are very late to this party as we have heard so many good things about Me Books in recent months from other book bloggers… Continue reading

I’m looking for an app about… dance

Every month, I link up with Playing By the Book for a round-up of book reviews under the title “I’m Looking for a Book About…” I’m a little late this month, but finally sneaking in… Continue reading

Achieving the Early Learning Goals for Maths using 8 Great iPad Apps

I’m pleased to introduce a guest post from Eric Pramono, app reviewer extraordinaire from Geeks with Juniors. I asked Eric to recommend some apps for helping young children with maths, as this is something… Continue reading


I had an interesting conversation on Twitter recently about matching games, which seem (from that very unscientific sample) to be the Marmite of the kids app world. I am not a great fan of matching games, perhaps… Continue reading

It’s Our Birthday! – Results

Thank you to everyone who entered my blog birthday giveaway. Happily, as there were 17 bundles and 17 comments (excluding commenter no.18 who did not want to enter) everyone is a winner! I used… Continue reading

It’s Our Birthday!

One year ago today, I launched the CAppTivated Kids blog. I’ve had a great year and want to say a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed, read, shared and commented on my posts. Thank you also… Continue reading

Identikat – Guest Post on Geeks with Juniors

I was delighted to be asked recently by Eric and Camila, creators of the amazing Geeks with Juniors blog, to contribute a guest post as part of my Activity Days series. You can now… Continue reading

Sago Mini Sound Box

I’ve written a lot about Toca Boca on this blog, as they are one of our favourite app developers. Sago Sago is Toca Boca’s newest studio in Toronto, formed alongside Zinc Roe, to develop first apps for… Continue reading