My Little Pony – A Canterlot Wedding


I’ve tended to shy away from reviewing a lot of branded apps on the blog, primarily because it is easy for parents to find them on the App Store with a simple search. So although we love apps like Peppa Pig’s Party and the CBeebies app, I haven’t reviewed them to date. But when Egmont approached me about their My Little Pony app, I had to take a look as Little Miss Chatterbox, aged four, has recently become a big My Little Pony fan and is therefore an ideal tester!

In A Canterlot Wedding, Princess Cadance of Equestria is getting married, and a group of pony friends all have very special jobs to do to prepare for the big day. Little Miss Chatterbox was delighted to see Twilight Sparkle read the invitation, as she has recently got a small toy of the very same pony.


As you can see from the above screenshot, the text is very simple and in a large, clear font. It is nice to see this app narrated by a child. The first half of the story – receiving the invitation and travelling to the palace – has light animation but no interactivity. In the second half, once the ponies reach the palace, there is plenty of interactivity as you help to prepare cookies and a wedding cake, choose an outfit for Princess Cadance to wear, make a rainbow display for the sky, choose songbirds for the wedding music, and decorate the scene with flowers.


When you have completed all the tasks, the wedding takes place – with your choices included in the scene.


I have to say I was impressed by the design of this app, as it is very easy to follow the story and to get to grips with all the interactivity. Instructions are given audibly to help young children who cannot yet read, and various nudge elements are used such as the next page bouncing into view with a short “ping” sound to indicate it is time to turn over. Unfortunately there is a small bug which causes the app to crash (on an iPad 2 at least) when selecting the cookies activity but you can quickly return to the right place using the page menu at the top of the screen.

I was also impressed by the story, as I do think branded toy stories can sometimes have weaker writing (I know I am generalising here!) but this one easily bears repeated rereading. I am still slightly allergic to My Little Pony names such as Pinkie Pie, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Twilight Sparkle but I suspect the target audience will be just as smitten as my daughter. Little Miss Chatterbox loves this app and has repeatedly chosen it in the past few weeks. I’ll finish with her verdict: “I like it because it has activities in it, it is an activity book. My favourite thing is making cookies with Applejack.”

My Little Pony – A Canterlot Wedding, developed by Egmont Kids Media, compatible with iPad. Available from priced at £1.49 at time of writing (currently on a price reduction.) 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this app from Egmont but as always this review represents my honest opinion.