Welcome to Moon School

moonschool_coverI’ve been meaning to feature Moon School (Scuola Luna) for a while, because it is a very special app. It was devised by a group of Italian children aged 5 to 13 on an app camp in Italy run by Timbuktu Labs in the summer of 2013. The app camps cover all aspects of app production. It is brilliant to see how the children have been so imaginative in solving the challenges of being at school in space…


and in creating some aspects of the school just for fun! Who can resist a dancing rhino and detective umbrella?


You explore the school, in which each room is a page of the “book” and you can interact with the objects within them. The text is in English, and the narration is in Italian (narrated by the children themselves.) In one room, there is a TV which shows a short video of the children putting together the app. Great to see them getting to grips with the artwork…


… and the looks on their faces as they see the app coming together.


It looks like there are a number of companies running similar tech camps in the UK – I’m definitely inspired to check them out if Mr Tall and Little Miss Chatterbox show an interest when they are older. Do have a look at Moon School if you haven’t seen it before – it’s completely free and the kids have done a great job.

Moon School, developed by Timbuktu Labs, compatible with iPad. Available from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/timbuktu-moon/id685604180?mt=8 free of charge.