I’m looking for an app about… Christmas

I’m rather late to the Christmas blog party, but with the school holidays about to start this might be the perfect time to invest in one or two book apps. We’ve been enjoying some Christmas-themed apps over the couple of weeks, and I’ve listed a few festive favourites here, as well as linking to some other recommendations from fellow bloggers.

Charlie Brown’s Christmas is our favourite Christmas app so far – who can resist Charlie Brown and Snoopy! Loud Crow have turned the famous Peanuts Christmas special into a very impressive app with pop-up style page turns, lots of interactivity to explore and a very festive feel good message. If you only buy one Christmas story app, I would recommend this one.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Available from  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/a-charlie-brown-christmas/id476508724 priced at £3.99/$US5.99 at time of writing.

One of our favourites from 2012 is still going strong. Angel’s Great Escape by And So We Begin is a charming story about a group of toys who escape from a very mean family to spend Christmas with a family who will really appreciate them.  Alan Titchmarsh provides the perfect tone for the narration. Also new for this year is an accompanying snow globe app.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Available from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/angels-great-escape-christmas/id576434669?mt=8 priced at £2.99/US$4.99 at time of writing. 

If you are looking for an app starring a Very Important Delivery Man, Santa’s Suit is Missing! might fit the bill. As with their lovely app Sleepy Mole, Ginger Whale have built choices in to the story so that the reader can influence the ending. As a Christmas elf, you need to find Santa’s hat, boots and suit so he can get dressed and deliver the presents. The ending varies depending on the outfit you choose, and it is fun to see Santa dressed in more traditional or wacky creations.

Compatible with iPad. Available from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id735058201 priced at £1.99/US$2.99 at time of writing.

When it comes to nativity apps, we enjoyed Wiggly Nativity by FirstyWork. It’s an adaptation of a nativity show used in primary schools, so is pitched perfectly for younger children and would be a great reminder of thespian triumphs if your child actually performed this show at their school! It gets across the Christmas story clearly with bright, simple illustrations and snippets of fun songs along the way.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Available from  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/a-wriggly-nativity/id680525314?mt=8 priced at £2.99/$US4.99 at time of writing.

Two of my favourite bloggers also have ideas I would like to share. Jake from TygerTale has two thoughtful posts about Christmas apps from 2013 and 2012 which are well worth checking out, including the Bear Who Missed Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Snowman and The Snowdog. Meanwhile Camila from Geeks with Juniors recommends Don’t Open Before Christmas which I am sorely tempted to treat myself to now!

What book apps about Christmas would you recommend? Let me know in the Comments section below. Happy Christmas everyone!