Focusing on Stories

Oh, the Thinks - in use on iPadI’ve been giving some thought recently to how I can balance my blogging time with time for writing picture books. I was very lucky in the summer to sign with Anne Clark as my literary agent, and so writing my own stories really needs to take priority now.

So, what’s the future for CAppTivated Kids? There are so many great apps coming out across all categories (books, games and activities)  that I can’t possibly do them justice when I blog on average once per week or less!  Now that the children are in school and preschool, we also use the iPad a little less than we used to. So  I need to narrow my focus down a little more.

As a picture book addict, I love stories on the printed page. But equally, I love the possibilities that stories have in digital format too – escaping linear storytelling, giving the reader choice, and (when properly done) enhancing the story with extra features. Given the negative press that children using electronic devices sometimes receives,  I do think that book apps need more of a showcase than activities and games.

For these reasons, CAppTivated Kids will focus primarily on book apps from now on. I will still occasionally feature other apps which we love, particularly with our activity day series, but I won’t be actively seeking them out. If you enjoy more regular reviews of activities and games (much more regular than me!), I recommend two of my favourite websites Apps Playground and Geeks with Juniors.

And don’t forget!… on the subject of books apps, the deadline for nominations to the 2013 Cybils awards is in two days time – do nominate your favourite by 15 October!