I’m looking for an app about… human rights

Every month, I link up with Playing By the Book for a round-up of book reviews under the title “I’m Looking for a Book About…” This month, the topic is Human Rights. Immediately I thought of an app we love – Wee You-Things, by Wee Society. This book app aims to help children aged 3 to 7 to appreciate and celebrate diversity in a way which they will enjoy and identify with.


In Wee You-Things we meet many characters, each with their own special “You-Thing”. These are described in very short rhymes and demonstrated through fun animations when the character is touched. Every child will hopefully recognise themselves in at least one of the characters. There are common differences, more unusual ones and some silly ones too. It’s also fun – and quite revealing of how your child perceives themselves – to use the option to make your own character (including photo if you wish) with your very own You-Thing. I found it hard to choose which ones to feature from the very long list, but here is a selection –

you_things_run you_things_smile you_things_scar you_things_space you_things_dads you_things_scaredyou_things_wheelsyou_things_you

As well as being lots of fun, this book is great as a jumping off point for discussion with children – do you know anyone with glasses? How do you feel about being the tallest in the class? Who is the fastest runner? What makes your sister special? How could you help Little Dot? Wee Society have included some discussion starters in the information pages for grown-ups which are really useful.

Overall, this is a very uplifting, positive and above all enjoyable look at what makes all of us special. It ends with this lovely rhyme, reminiscent of Dr Seuss –

 You have many You-Things, yep you sure do!


Wee You-Things, developed by Wee Society, compatible with iPhone and iPad. Available from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wee-you-things/id631615431?mt=8 priced at £1.99/$2.99 at time of writing.

What book apps touching on human rights would you recommend?