Sago Mini Sound Box

I’ve written a lot about Toca Boca on this blog, as they are one of our favourite app developers. Sago Sago is Toca Boca’s newest studio in Toronto, formed alongside Zinc Roe, to develop first apps for toddlers and preschoolers. I was really keen to review Sago Mini Sound Box, their first release. Little Miss Chatterbox, age 3, has been enjoying the app but I thought it would be great to have a view from a parent with a younger child, as it seems ideally suited to toddlers. Luckily the lovely Michelle Robinson was happy to oblige! Here’s Michelle’s review…

At last! The kind of app this family has been waiting for – one that’s simple enough for our tiniest tot (17 months) to enjoy, and that doesn’t expect too much of her or attempt to thrust ads in her face.

My youngest squeals with delight just at the loading screen because she knows exactly what’s coming: candy coloured balls bouncing around on a white background, making her choice of silly sounds. It couldn’t be more toddler-tastic.

The jolliest of jolly woofing, tooting and tinkling noises are hers to command just by tapping the screen, and the more she taps, the more she’s rewarded with more and more of those cheery balls. It’s an app that can’t possibly frustrate her because it requires no skill or coordination (her ability with the iPad only goes so far as tap it, hit the off button and drop it).

Her big brother, aged three and a half, also likes it, but it doesn’t hold his attention very long. No matter – this is a game for teeny weeny tots, I think. It’s also quite therapeutic for their exhausted parents. Pop, pop, pop. Bravo, Sago Mini! We’re really looking forward to your next app.

Thanks Michelle! Michelle Robinson is a picture book writer extraordinaire – you can find out all about Michelle, her fantastic books and read her blog at

Sago Mini Sound Box is out now – and completely free. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Available from
The second app, Sago Mini Forest Flyer is released on 23 May.

I’ll leave you with a video showing both apps in action – and some extremely cute costumes too.