Angel’s Great Escape

“Are you sitting comfortably? And so we begin…”

If you’re looking for a lovely Christmassy story app to share with your children, then Angel’s Great Escape by And So We Begin might just hit the spot.

One night, Angel and her fellow tree decorations run away from the house of the Meanies, who are intent on selling them. Along the way they escape from the Mean Cat and finally help Father Christmas give the Good family a lovely Christmas surprise.

From opening up the app, the lovely piano music composed by Ginny Walker provides the perfect atmosphere for the chilly snowy night, and the blues, reds and golds used in Kristyna Litten’s illustrations are very festive.  Angel’s rhyming story by Kirstie Rowson is very gentle and good fun, and Alan Titchmarsh is a very good choice of narrator.

I’m hoping that Mr Tall and Little Miss Chatterbox have picked up on the message about not throwing away things just because they are old, as with two birthdays and Christmas at this time of year we do try not to focus too much on “stuff” and to re-use what we have. In fact, I have just remembered that our own tree angel was made by Mr Tall aged 2 (he is now 5) so I think Angel would approve!

The interactions are generally very light, limited to tapping or dragging, so are easy for young children. However there are no hints, so they will need help the first few times. There are interaction tips on the website which are worth checking out before using the app. Red arrows turn the page, but there are several rhyming verses for each illustration which come up one at a time, so in “Read to Me” mode it is best to wait until they have all been read before moving on.

Although the interactions are light, they are very appropriate and add to the story. On several pages you can make it snow or play sleigh bells.You can throw snow balls at the Mean Cat…


… give Father Christmas his mince pie and milk …


…and decide which presents to give to which members of the Good family.


I really like And So We Begin’s philosophy, which is We like making people smile. We know that nothing can replace real life books but think that apps allow children to engage in stories in a whole new and exciting way.” I think they have achieved this in their first app, which certainly has the charm and feel of a picture book with the additional magic that a lovely soundtrack and some well-chosen interactions can provide.

random_number_angel_giveawaySo… for a special Christmas treat… thank you very much to Kirstie from And So We Begin for donating a copy of the app to give away! Just leave a comment below by 22:00 GMT on Friday 21 December 2012. As usual I’ll pick the recipient using

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Angel’s Great Escape: A Christmas Story, developed by And So We Begin, compatible with iPhone and iPad. Available from priced at £1.99/$2.99 at time of writing.