Getting Silly with The Moogies

Sometimes it’s good to learn something new from an app. Sometimes, to share a really good story. And sometimes you really just want to have a bit of fun. After all, no-one does silly like a small child. And on a rainy day, or if you aren’t feeling very well, sometimes you just need a bit of cheering up too.

For times like this, we turn to The Moogies. I first heard of this app through another reviewer, Gill Robins (@gillrobinstweet), and have to agree with her that this is so much fun.

The Moogies are nine animal characters who live together in a house. When you call one of them on the phone, you enter that character’s world and can interact with everything in the scene. It is extremely simple to use, and appeals to young children’s urge to press everything and see what happens. From a dog barbecuing (watch out for the cat stealing the meat), to a pig in a bath which runs away, to the exercising horse who squirts his water bottle at you, it’s all brilliant cartoon fun. My children love the talking parrot which repeats everything you say. The joy is in the humour and playfulness of the characters, their nonsensical talking, and the repetition of silliness over and over and over. The music is very jaunty and cheerful without grating,  and provides a good backdrop to the colourful animations.

This is the perfect answer to the very popular apps involving talking animals (you know, those ones…) which involve in-app purchases for any additional interactions. Here, everything is included. And having returned to it many times over several months, it still makes my children laugh out loud, and never gets annoying for me as a parent. Which is pretty much all you need for a good dose of silliness on a wet Sunday afternoon.

The Moogies, developed by Chillingo Ltd, compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Available from priced at £0.69/$0.99 at time of writing.